I have been enjoying my Lift eFoil for nearly two years now. One of the greatest benefits of this new activity for me has been the scenery that I have enjoyed. With a battery that can take me up for rides of 20 miles, that puts a big chunk of ocean at my "toe tips" without any hassle at all. As long as there is an open channel in the water, I can launch from it and reach 10 miles in any direction before I need to turn around.
This easy access has put me around turtles, sting rays, whales, dolphin, manta rays, and sharks. The ocean is full of life and the Lift eFoil gives me a bird's eye view of a lot of it. I have also been amazed by the view of the Koolau, Diamondhead, Mokulua, sunrises and sunsets. The colors that dance off the water and through the sky canopy is truly inspiring. Sometimes I have my GoPro to share the images with you. But most times, I just love sharing it with one or two friends that join me on the water that day.
Mahalo to our Creator who put this beauty, and this technology in plain site for us to enjoy.
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