Preparation for your lesson

In preparation for your efoil lesson, here is a useful checklist to follow:

  • RECEIVE CONFIRMATION - did you receive either a confirmation email or text from us with the correct date, time, and type of lesson? If not, use our contact page to reach out at least 24 hours before your lesson time.
  • SIGN LIABILITY WAIVER - did you complete your online waiver? This is completed by our partner Smart Waiver. Click on this link to open a new window with the waiver.
  • WATCH TRAINING VIDEO - if you want to maximize your time on the water, get a head start by watching this video. It will cover all of the pointers that you will want to know BEFORE you get onto the water.
  • WEAR WATER PANTS - if you have paddling pants or yoga pants, that works well. You can also wear knee sleeves as an option. The deck pad can get a bit rough on your knees.
  • WATERPROOF ACTION CAMERA (optional) - our boards and helmets have the standard GoPro mounts available for your use.
  • GROUPS - as an option, if you are taking a group lesson, you may spend some extra time on the beach as your friend(s) take their lesson. Feel free to bring a SUP board, or any other water equipment to linger in the water while your friend goes through their lesson. We often have kayaks and SUP board paddling around to get a closer look at the fun.
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