Spotlight on the 4'2" Pro

42" Pro by Lift Foils 

42” x  23.5” x 59 Liter 

Rider Weight Range: Up To 220 lbs. 

Our Pro design this year is a fair amount smaller than last years Pro model, but with the updated LIFT3 design features its actually easier to dominate. 

At first glance, the small size might seem intimidating, but riders worldwide have had nothing but success in getting to their feet and up on foil. 

Anybody who rides the pro board has a hard time going back to anything else because the sensation is unworldly. 

This board is everything foiling should be and definitely the direction of the sport--its compact size makes you feel like youre flying on nothing at all and the response in its carve is the most liberating feeling you can have on the water.

This is the lightest board in the range, and really easy to handle for transport and getting around. 




Wing Combos - Everything works

            • 150 Surf V2 is a very responsive and fast combo. 

            • 200 Surf V2 will offer great all round cruising and efficiency. 

            • 200 High Aspect will glide forever if youre looking for long distance or some swell riding with the folding prop. 

            • Tail Wings: 38 Surf V2 is the standard. Try the 32 Glide for extra speed if you want to make it a super pro. 

Your eFoil order includes

  • Carbon fiber board
  • Carbon fiber mast
  • Carbon fiber wings
  • Hand controller
  • Fast battery charger
  • Long-range rechargeable battery (up to 2hrs)
  • eFoil, mast, and wing bags for safe transport of all included items
  • Cleaning kit
  • Toolkit
  • Manual and quick-start guide
  • 2 year warranty on the eFoil Board
  • 1 year warranty on the eFoil battery (or 300 cycles)












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