TRUTH: Anyone Can Do This


Trust Us. We Are With You All The Way

This looks hard, but it really isn't. Old or young, surfer or not, heavy or lightweight, efoils are designed with everyone in mind. No Paddle - No Waves - No Wind - Just Fun

Go as fast (or slow) as you want

Go as far as you want (no pressure)

Go beyond surfing with the EFOIL

We represent Lift Foils, THE PREMIER MANUFACTURER of efoil boards in the world. You will be riding a top-notch carbon fiber surfboard equipped with the best in battery and motor technology. Join us and feel the difference quality engineering makes in your ride.

"I began my journey trying to learn to foil on my own and realized that it’s harder than I could’ve imagined and I needed some help. That’s where Alika comes in. Excellent, clear advice and knowledge, his pre flight lesson gave me all of the foundations I needed to get out and get to flying quickly."

Jeff - April 2021

"The surfboard Back To The Futureʻs Marty McFly might have ridden... Itʻs magical."

The Sunday Times

"My wife, son and I just had the best day ever. Alika, Donovan and Jake made the adventure worth every penny. If you’re in Hawaii or a Kama’aina, like us - this is your ticket for the best efoil experience, Hands down."

Trevor -Sep 2022

"E-foiling was a great experience. Alika was patient and gave clear instructions from safety to riding techniques. If you ever have the chance, sign up and go for it!"

Craig -August 2022

"What an absolutely AMAZING experience and ...... I'm hooked! I can not wait to do this again!! Honestly, its a must!!! I felt like I was flying:)"

Erin -Aug 2022
  • Efoiling is for everyone. The young, and the old. The tall and the short. The landlocked and the coastal dwellers. With the Lift efoil, as long as you have a body of water, you can surf at anytime. The quiet electric motor won't disturb your peace of mind

    Efoiling is for EVERYONE. No waves, No kite, No wind, No paddling. Just Fun!

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Efoiling is for EVERYONE. No waves, No kite, No wind, No paddling. Just Fun!

Adults Can, Teens Can, Seniors Can, Beginners CAN

Fly on your FIRST LESSON

Every Lesson is Private

Take It To The Water

Our ocean location is protected from south swells and strong tradewinds, giving us calm conditions for the majority of the year. We have plenty of open space for you to learn to fly, and then to explore once you feel comfortable. You will experience a silent flying sensation while being surrounded by the most beautiful combination of ocean, beach, and island scenery. You will gain a truly unique experience to tell your family and friends back home about. This is surfing at the next level!

Learn to fly

Primary Lesson Site

Ke'ehi South Beach

1440 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819

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BEWARE: This activity is highly addictive

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