Learn To Wing Foil

 Learning to wing foil can be very difficult, but it is also so rewarding. That is why we offer you all the cheat codes we can find!

When you are ready to dip your toes into wing foiling, here is how we can help:

  1. HOW TO FOIL: If you don't know how to foil, we will get you onto the efoil and you will fully understand the joy of foiling in your very first session.

  2. CALM WATERS: We conduct all lessons in a 45 acre lagoon that has very little wind chop and no waves... even on the windiest days. This saves you from negotiating board balance due to wave conditions.
  3. TOW BACK UP-WIND: When you drift downwind, we will tow you back with our efoil. Usually you have to walk, paddle, drive, or boat yourself back upwind, draining time and energy along the way.
  4. PERSONAL COACHING: Your instructor will be by your side the whole time to get you to the next level in your progression. The instructor is on an efoil, so your coach is also your towing buddy.
  5. BIG EQUIPMENT: One of the best tips when learning to wing foil is to have the right size equipment... BIG!

All of the above is included in every session with us. Our goal is to get you to a point where you are ready to practice on your own as often as possible. Usually that means you need to be able to understand the wind, the foil, and how to traverse upwind.

We conduct session in 1 hour increments. We find that this is a good amount of time to learn a lot without causing over exhaustion for you. Please expect to take several 1-hour sessions. This is not a "one and done" activity. It will take you weeks of effort to learn the basics, and years of effort to become proficient. This is part of the appeal. The difficulty of wing foiling makes each milestone very rewarding.

We have all that you need to succeed in learning to wing foil. All we need to do is find some wind, and lots of determination, and you will soon be up and flying with us.

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