We get this question a-l-o-t. Our simplest answer is "anywhere!" Our extended answer is "anywhere that it is safe." So here are five quick tips for all efoilers who are exploring the waters around them:
1. BEGINNERS: stick to flat water until you are proficient with controlling the foil
2. Know the solid obstacles in the water like reef, coral heads, anchors, and buoys.
3. Stay clear of swimmers, swim zones, popular dive spots, and popular fishing areas (poles and nets)
4. Be ultra aware of marine life. In Hawaii, we see lots of sea turtles, some sting rays, monk seals, and fish forever. We even spot some dolphin now and again. Always steer clear of marine life when possible.
5. Stay out of the surf line-up! There is absolutely NO ACCEPTABLE REASON for you to be in the line up with an efoil, period.
Mind these simple tips, and you can't go wrong. Learn your local regulations including boating rules and procedures, register your board if local regulations require it, and share the experience with everyone you see... You know everyone is watching you!
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