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We have been busy providing lessons on the Lift eFoil for the past several weeks. We have taken out keiki and makua alike at all levels of athleticism. Most have not been in great shape, but they came with great attitudes. The level of excitement as our students anticipate their lessons are high, but they are quickly trumped by the thrill of the first time that they pull the trigger on the hand controller.

The sensation that you get from riding the Lift eFoil is unlike any sensation you have felt before... unless you are a Top Gun pilot. For some, the transition to standing and then to foiling is quick, even within the first 15 minutes. For others, it takes time to figure out how to maintain their balance without going too fast. But with all our students, we have found that they love the freedom of zipping around the water on a surfboard that requires no strength or extra power to get going. They enjoy the beauty of Hawaiian waters from a new perspective. They all have returned to shore, safe, exhausted, and absolutely fascinated with their experience with the Lift eFoil. Foiling is the goal, but it is not always the prize.

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