This is a selfie taken while efoiling at sunrise in Kailua, Hawaii. This is not work, but it captures the feeling that I have every day that I teach people how to efoil. This has become a passion. I never knew how much I would love foiling until I stepped on my first efoil for the very first time. It is absolutely mind-blowing, satisfying, and peaceful all at the same time. You feel light and smooth and quick, but without any effort whatsoever. The excitement that I feel as I prepare to get onto the water is simply anticipation because I know how much fun I am about to have. The funny thing is that it doesn't matter if I am going by myself, going surfing with friends, or teaching efoil lessons all day. It just doesn't matter. The best part of my "work" when teaching new people about the foil, is watching them get it. We watch as they overcome each little hurdle to get to the next step. They are happy to achieve something, and then thrilled to see that there is more challenges ahead. The reward when a student gets onto foil for the very first time is just as good for me because it reminds me of why I started this business in Hawaii... It's all about loving life, no matter what stage of life you are in. If I can make one person smile today on the efoil, I am grateful. My heart swells each time to see someone wear that child-like smile. This is not work... not even close.

I simply love what I do. If you have taken a lesson with me, you know this is true.
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