Safety First – Fun Second – Foiling Follows


  • Safety First

  • Fun Second

  • Foiling Follows

These are the three steps that we believe enables you to enjoy your efoil experience from your very first session through to the very last. This is a high speed, high thrill kind of activity, so it demands your attention.

The first thing to pay attention to is your safety. It does not matter how much water experience or board experience you have. The efoil is a different piece of equipment that can humble you in the blink of an eye. So let’s be safe about it.

We recommend the following steps and equipment for anyone who is exploring an efoil for the first time:


  • Take a lesson. it is well worth a couple hundred dollars to get professional guidance the first time you ride the efoil. Plus, it will save you hours of failed attempts to ride this board if you were to try it without a coach.
  • Wear a helmet. It is not a question of if, or when you fall, but how badly you fall. When you are standing on the efoil, you are not holding onto handle bars, or squeezing the seat. You are standing and trying to balance as the board flies above the water. You will fall, and you will want to try again. Wear a helmet.
  • Wear a life jacket. One, it is mandated by the US Coast Guard, and two it can save your life in the worst case scenario. The bonus is that it also provides a little bit of cushion for when you fall and end up landing your torso onto the rail of the board.
  • Bring a friend. Riding an efoil is super fun, so why not share the fun with a friend? Spend the time learning the efoil together. It helps to watch someone else ride the efoil by giving you ideas on how to improve your technique and approach. Plus you will have a safety person on the beach that can call for help if something bad happens.


When you are riding your efoil proficiently, and start to ride waves or boat wakes, we suggest that you wear a leash. This will save you from a lot of swimming, and will keep your board from catching a wave without you into shore or worse, the reef.

With safety measures in place, you can feel free to enjoy yourself, and remove the concern for falling out of your mind. After all, we already know you will fall. Now you know you won’t get hurt. And that is a load off your mind that is welcome.


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