Safety Comes First

Safety Comes First, Fun Will Follow

If you've watched efoil videos on YouTube, you'll see amazing shots of people flying on their efoil. They are having fun on the water and enjoying themselves.

This truly is the next level of surfing, even if you are not a surfer. It looks easy, even effortless, to ride these amazing pieces of technology. I can't say it's not important, but I want to emphasize the safety aspect of efoiling, or any type of foiling.

To be cool like the people in videos, learn to control this amazing equipment. And that means you're gonna take some spills before you can enjoy the thrills.

At Hawaii Efoil Experience (HEE), the safety of our students come first. We have two basic safety rules, and two essential pieces of safety equipment.

Safety Rules

  1. When you are not using the efoil board, turn off the hand controller. Hold the hand controller with the strap in your weaker hand.
  2. Don't fight the fall. Instead, use your last bit of balance to push yourself away to the side or rear of the efoil board.

We will go into the reasons and application of these two safety rules during your lesson. These two lessons alone will help to ensure that you return home safely and with a big smile on your face.

Update: With the introduction of the Lift Jet, the danger posed by a semi-guarded propellor can be eliminated. The Lift Jet is a fully enclosed propulsion system that provides the ultimate form of safety to the rider. The safety rules still apply, but the danger is less if your efoil has the Lift Jet.

Safety Equipment

  1. Water helmet
  2. Life vest

All students must wear a helmet and life vest for the lesson, no matter their skill, confidence, or protest. We know from experience that falls will occur, and for some of you, falls happen often. That is the beauty of playing in the water. It never really hurts...unless you make contact with the board.

The worst thing on a watercraft is a bad fall where you get hit in the head and pass out. It may not be likely, but we want to ensure as best we can that it never happens. By wearing a helmet and a life vest, you are protected against this occurrence. With this protection, you are free to enjoy yourself without much concern for a fall that results in a bad outcome.

Personal Coaching

Our most important safety measure taken at HEE is personal coaching. We assign a coach to each student, and follow behind you at a safe distance the duration of your water session. We give you advice to help you improve, and can quickly respond to any danger.

We promise you'll have lots of fun, learn to fly on the efoil, and we'll do everything to keep you safe.

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