For some efoil riders, getting OFF trigger is the whole point of efoiling. For others, ON trigger is the only way to go. Here is my point of view:
Lift made this incredible product with surfing in mind. It's obvious! First, they included a hand controller with a trigger that has a full inch of travel to give the rider the exact speed needed to align to an oncoming wave. Second, they adopted the folding propeller set up to nearly eliminate the drag from the motor. So when I bought my first board, all I wanted to do was learn the foil and then take it out onto the waves. Now, everyday is full of opportunity to surf in some incredible locations. The surfers in the line-up kind of don't like us because we are riding so many waves while they are waiting for the next set. But the surfers also quickly realize that we are not competing for the same waves like the rest of the line up.
To me, surfing is the best part of owning an efoil. You just have to learn the fine balance between holding the trigger, and completely letting it go. For the on-trigger crowd, I get it. I have fun in that domain as well, especially on glassy water. Off-trigger may not be your style... yet. Come visit us, and maybe we will convince you to try to "drop the trigger".
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