Lift Foils’ Bare Essentials

Lift Foils’ Bare Essentials for Front Foils


There is so much to consider when choosing your foil, we thought it would be helpful to layout just the bare essentials for you.

  • Surf V2 series of front foil = balance, efficiency, and versatility
  • High Aspect front foil = responsive, highest efficiency, speed, and maneuverability


Lift Foils’ Bare Essentials for Back Foils

The same is true about choosing your back foil, so here are the bare essentials.

  • Surf V2 series of back foil = perfect blend of efficiency and stability, extended fuselage (11.6” and 12.3”) 
  • Glide series of back foil = maximizes efficiency, glide and maneuverability 
  • Carve series of back foil = high performance and tight turns, shortest fuselage (8.1” and 8.8”)


Lift Foil Combinations

With 10 front foils and 6 back foils to choose from, the total possible combinations are 60, so how do you choose?



Consider three factors:

  • (1) your weight
  • (2) your experience level
  • (3) your water conditions

Recommended Foil Combination Are Charts Posted As Images


Recommended hydrofoil combinations flat water

Recommended hydrofoil combinations small surf

Recommended hydrofoil combinations big surf

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