After two years of thrills and spills riding Hawaiian waters on this Lift efoil, do you know what has been the #1 most fun part about it all?


Is it the speed? This efoil has the ability to go as fast as 30mph, and I have had my share of speeds over 20mph.


Is it the flying? The thrilling feeling of flying effortlessly over the ocean, especially on those calm glassy days is amazing.


Maybe it is the surfing? After all, we catch more waves than most people out there on the water because it is so easy to get out and onto that next perfect wave.


To be honest, all of this is crazy fun, and it keeps me excited in anticipation for my next session. But what really brings the most joy to me personally is the people. I know. It sounds so Hallmark. But it is true. The sense of community that has developed amongst my friends, colleagues, customers, and new acquaintances has been fulfilling.


It was heart-warming to hear two customers walk away from a discussion together, getting to know more about the other person on a personal level.


It was satisfying to be able to help a friend explore a new foil combination, and then to see his excitement once he rode on it.


It has been memorable to watch newbie efoil riders progress month after month from flat-water conditions to playful surf conditions.


It is humbling to be a resource for so many excellent individuals who have found a new passion in life that brings them so much joy, that they share their joy with all who are around them.


I admit that I am not much of a people person. I prefer dogs to be honest. But it is the people in this community of water-lovers that has made all the effort worthwhile. I absolutely love riding next to the rookie who is afraid of what the open ocean conditions will bring. I also love riding with the experienced watermen who brave the overhead surf conditions a mile offshore. Even the efoil student from the land-locked states like Colorado who has little to no water experience is a pleasure to spend time with.


There is something about this Lift efoil that makes people happy. It brings out the competitor, the challenger, the can-do spirit in everyone. There is always a moment in the efoil lesson that the student realizes just how much fun they are having. It is right about the time when they start to relax while balancing on the board. They smile. They giggle. And the 12-year old version of themselves steps forward. They find pure joy and then they start to really have fun.

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