Below is a compilation of common sense and actual regulations used by DLNR in the State of Hawaii to regulate the use of efoils within the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. For more details, you are encouraged to read the rules posted on the DLNR website. You are also encouraged to review the map posted by DLNR as it relates to areas that you may utilize often. Mahalo in advance for taking care of this amazing activity for all current and future efoil enthusiasts.


  • Efoils are considered vessels by DOBOR
  • Efoils are required to be registered with DLNR
  • Efoils are not considered a thrill craft
  • Efoils are subject to the required safety equipment as mandated by federal and state authorities
    • Each person on an efoil will wear a personal floatation device
    • Each person on an efoil will have a whistle
  • Efoils are to comply with all rules and regulations that apply to vessels
    • Speed: limited to a slow-no-wake speed when within 200ft of shore, dock, launching ramp, swimmers, diver’s flag, anchored vessel
    • Restricted ocean waters: no vessel shall operate within restricted ocean waters defined at Waikiki, Makapuu, Kealakekua Bay, Kailua Beach Park, Ahihi-Kinau, Pokai Bay, Ala Moana Beach Park, Manele-Hulopoe, and Kaanapali
    • Marine animals
      • no vessel shall approach within 100yds of any humpback whale
      • no vessel shall intentionally approach within 300yds of any humpback whale and its cow/calf
      • no person is to feed or touch green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles
      • no person shall approach within 150ft of a Hawaiian monk seal
      • no person shall touch a manta ray
    • Alcohol & drugs: no person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall operate a vessel
  • Efoil operators are not required to pass a boating safety course
  • Efoils will not operate in designated swimming areas
  • Efoils will not operate in areas commonly utilized by surfers, also known as the “line-up”, that is accessible from land and is currently occupied by surfers
  • Efoils will be mindful of shallow reef
  • Efoils will be mindful of ocean divers
  • Violation of rules may result in fines or being deprived of operating any vessel in Hawaii waters
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