Choosing a Large Volume Board for Your First Wing Foiling Experience


Embarking on the journey of learning to wing foil is an exhilarating adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. In our previous article: “5 Essential Tips for Smooth Wing Foil Board Progression”, our first tip was to choose the right wing foil board. This is absolutely essential for all beginners. In this article, we'll explore why choosing a large volume board is paramount for beginners and how it can enhance your wing foiling experience.


Understanding the Importance of Board Volume:

Board volume plays a significant role in wing foiling, especially for beginners. A board with higher volume provides increased stability, buoyancy, and forgiveness, making it easier for novice riders to balance, paddle, and progress their skills. When learning the fundamentals of wing foiling, having a stable platform to stand on can instill confidence and facilitate a smoother learning curve.


Benefits of Choosing a Large Volume Board:

  1. Enhanced Stability: Large volume boards offer greater stability both when paddling and while standing on the board. This stability is invaluable for beginners as they learn to find their balance and build confidence on the water. If you can’t balance on the board, your ability to use the wing is drops to zero.


  1. Improved Buoyancy: A board with higher volume displaces more water, providing better buoyancy and preventing the board from sinking. This buoyancy makes it easier for beginners to paddle, get onto their knees and feet, and recover from falls without feeling overwhelmed.


  1. Forgiving Performance: Large volume boards are more forgiving of mistakes, allowing beginners to experiment and learn without fear of immediate consequences. Whether it's wobbling during transition to your feet or losing balance while turning, a forgiving board can help beginners navigate through challenges more comfortably.


  1. Versatility: Large volume boards often have a wider range of use, allowing beginners to explore different conditions and progress their skills without outgrowing their equipment too quickly. From flatwater cruising to small choppy conditions, a large volume board can adapt to various environments as your skills develop.


Choosing the Right Size:

When selecting a large volume board for wing foiling, it's essential to consider factors such as your weight, height, skill level, and local conditions. While larger boards generally offer more stability, you'll want to find a size that strikes the right balance between stability and maneuverability for your specific needs. The general rule is to choose a board with 40 more liters than your weight in kilograms. So if you weigh 80 kilograms, choosing a board with 120 liters would be suitable.


Choosing the Right Material:

Wing foil boards come in many different shapes, sizes, and also varying materials. Although carbon fiber boards are the sexiest option, it is also the most expensive option, and completely unnecessary for a beginner. If you have a wide stand-up paddleboard, that could work very well for your first few sessions. If you can get an inflatable board, SUP or wing board, that would be our top recommendation. The inflatable nature makes the board much more forgiving when you fall down into the board.



Choosing a large volume board for your first wing foiling experience is a decision that can significantly impact your learning journey. By prioritizing stability, buoyancy, and forgiveness, a large volume board provides beginners with the confidence and support they need to progress their skills and enjoy the thrill of wing foiling to the fullest. Whether you're gliding across calm waters or catching your first waves, a large volume board is your ticket to an unforgettable wing foiling adventure.

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