Best Conditions To Efoil

You have decided to try to ride an efoil, and you are not sure where to go. If you are NEW to foils (kite foils, surf foils, SUP foils, efoils, or wing foils) you definitely need to be smart about your choice.  Here are a few things to consider:


When first learning to ride the efoil, you want to choose a place that has calm water. When I say calm, I am talking lake water with very very little ripple in the water. When you first stand on your efoil board, every little bump on the water can cause the board to rock a bit. If you balance is solid, then small bumps are not an issue. You definitely don't want any waves, breaking water, or strong currents.


The efoil is a personal watercraft with a motor that can propel the rider up to 25mph. For a beginner, this should tell you that you need ample space to operate the efoil. Choose a place where there is not much traffic and where you have at least an area 200ft by 200ft.


This seems to be obvious, but when you are actually on the water, learning to control the direction of your efoil, obstacles come racing at you. We use an area that exceeds our 200x200 rule five-fold, and we still run into (too many) situations where our student tends to lean toward the nearest obstacle. Obstacles include shallow reef, bouys, channel markers, boats, kayaks, and marine life. Get into the habit of always observing your spot before jumping into the water. You can also talk to other people on the shore to find out what new obstacles are presenting themselves today.


Adventures have their way of improving themselves when we share it with a friend. Plus it is way safer. If you can bring a friend, or at least link up with some familiar faces as you start your efoil session, you will have more fun and increase your safety net.

We love to efoil! We want others to enjoy this incredible activity. If there is any way that we can help you to have a better time on the water, please reach out to us. We are always interested in bringing fun to the water. Aloha.

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