A Beginner’s Journey: My First Efoil Lesson

A Beginner’s Journey:

My First Efoil Lesson with Hawaii Efoil Experience


Aloha, fellow adventurers! My name is Sarah, and I recently had the incredible opportunity to try efoiling for the first time with Hawaii Efoil Experience. As someone who loves trying new water sports but had never heard of an efoil until my trip to Hawaii, I was both excited and a little nervous. I want to share my experience with you, from the moment I arrived to that exhilarating first ride above the water.


Discovering Efoiling


It all started when I was planning my Hawaiian vacation. I stumbled upon Hawaii Efoil Experience while researching unique activities on the islands. The idea of gliding above the water on a board powered by an electric motor sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. After watching a few mesmerizing videos on YouTube, I was sold. I booked my lesson online, which was straightforward and user-friendly.


Arrival and First Impressions


On the day of my lesson, I arrived at the beach location where Hawaii Efoil Experience is based. They conduct their lessons in a lagoon between the airport and the harbor. At first sight, it seems removed from the normal tourist destinations. But once I was on the water, I completely understood why this was the ideal location to learn this super fun activity. The team greeted me with aloha, instantly making me feel at ease. My instructor, Donovan, introduced himself and gave me a brief overview of what to expect. He assured me that efoiling is suitable for all skill levels, including complete beginners like myself.


Gear Up and Safety Briefing


We started with a safety briefing and a rundown of the equipment. The Lift efoil looked sleek and futuristic, with a sturdy board and a hydrofoil wing underneath. Donovan provided a helmet, and a life jacket, ensuring I was comfortable and safe. He explained how the remote control works to adjust the speed and how to position my body for optimal balance.


On-Land Training


Before hitting the water, we practiced on land. Donovan showed me how to lie down on the board, gradually stand up, and maintain balance. This part was crucial as it helped me get a feel for the motions without the added challenge of water. His clear instructions and patience boosted my confidence.


Taking to the Water


Finally, it was time to get in the water. I started by lying on the board, holding the remote in one hand. As Donovan guided me, I slowly increased the throttle, feeling the gentle push of the motor. The sensation was smooth and surprisingly intuitive. Once I was comfortable, I attempted to kneel, and eventually, stand.


The First Flight


The moment I stood up and the board lifted above the water was unforgettable. I felt like I was flying! The hydrofoil glided effortlessly, reducing the drag and creating a surreal, almost silent ride. I could see the vibrant marine life beneath me and the stunning Hawaiian mountain range in the distance. It was a blend of tranquility and thrill that I had never experienced before.


Overcoming Challenges


There were a few wobbles and a couple of falls, but each time I got back up, Donovan was there with tips and encouragement. He emphasized that falling is part of the learning process and reassured me that everyone improves with practice. By the end of the session, I was able to ride steadily and even make gentle turns.


Reflecting on the Experience


Efoiling with Hawaii Efoil Experience was one of the highlights of my trip to Hawaii. It was not just about learning a new sport but also about connecting with the ocean in a unique way. The team’s expertise and friendly approach made the experience enjoyable and memorable.


If you're considering trying efoiling, I wholeheartedly recommend Hawaii Efoil Experience. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or just looking for a new way to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian waters, this activity offers something truly special. Mahalo to Donovan and the team for an incredible introduction to efoiling—I can’t wait to come back and ride with them again!

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