There is a difference between swell following and wave riding on the efoil. Both are fun, and offer much more creativity than flat water riding. Wave riding uses the power of the wave rather than the power of the efoil motor. To ride the wave energy, you need to have the folding propellor from Lift Foils, or the true glide propellor from Fliteboard. It will take a bit of training to understand how to fully release the trigger without dropping the nose of your board, but once you figure it out, you will fall in love all over again with your efoil.


The best part about wave riding with an efoil is the simplicity. No paddling; No pumping; No jet ski. You simply engage your motor to ride out to the waves, and release the trigger when you get aligned with the wave. Ride the wave until you run out of space, and then kick out and motor your efoil back to the next wave on the horizon. It is pure bliss.


The trick is to learn how to shift your weight forward and backward when you engage and disengage the motor power. The thrust from thew propellor pushes the nose of the board up while the thrust of the wave doesn’t. To be clear, the release of the trigger is all at once, not little by little. Once you match the speed of the wave, you should release the trigger and shift your weight at the same time. Then let the wave guide you, and flow with the ocean energy.



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