Slow – Steady – Squeeze


That is what I recall about trigger control with a 9mm in my hand during Marine Corps weapons training. The same thing applies to trigger control for the Lift efoil. Unlike the other brands of efoil boards, Lift has the unique hand controller that allows for a significant amount of speed control with the trigger alone. No buttons or gears to deal with. Squeeze the go faster. Release to go slower.


In surf, and on smaller efoil models, trigger control is CRITICAL. It is also an obstacle to learning how to foil if you start with trigger control as your first skill. That is why we teach trigger control as the LAST skill to master after roll control, pitch control, and perfect alignment.


The best way to master trigger control is to set your comfortable speed, get up onto your foil, and then adjust the trigger pressure to go a little slower, and then a little faster. You will naturally go higher and lower on the foil due to the speed variable within the lift equation. If you allow your body to shift forward and backward on the board as the situation dictates, you will find yourself maintaining a level board and an even height over the water. If you are able to do this, then you are halfway to full trigger control.


The next step is to set your speed to be faster than you are used to. Now when you are transitioning to your feet, pull only as much speed as you think you need. As you stand up, maintain the same speed on a partial trigger pull. You may find that you are squeezing more trigger as you try to stand up. Try to separate your trigger finger pressure from your effort to stand. Once you can isolate your trigger finger pressure, then you will find it very easy to start and stop your efoil by using only as much speed as is necessary.


This seems like a small issue, but it is critical to improve your overall enjoyment of this amazing water toy. Aloha.

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