I have to admit… I never teach this one thing, but it can be a make-or-break moment in front of family and friends. Everybody knows that if you stick the landing, you impress the judges. So why should it be any different when dismounting your efoil?


In this post, I will offer a couple of ways to “turn pro” by sticking your dismount. It won’t take much practice, but if you do it well, you gain huge points with your fans, I mean family and friends.




The first dismount is a technique for everyone. It may seem obvious, but we get this question more than any other question from new students who absolutely fall in love with the efoil. The easiest way to dismount is to:


  1. SLOW DOWN. Simply release the trigger slowly and allow your board to come back to the water and to slow down.
  2. KNEEL DOWN. As your board slows, continue to release the trigger and kneel onto your board.
  3. Fully release the trigger while you are on your knees. The board will come to a complete halt, and you can slide off your board and stick that landing.




This second dismount is intended for the folding prop riders that like to add some flare to their dismount. It will take a little more trial and error, but not much.


  1. GLIDE WITH MEDIUM SPEED. While on foil, release the trigger completely and start to glide.
  2. PUMP IT. Use the glide to pump your foil to cover the distance you need. This shows some of your flare and skill.
  3. TAIL SLIDE. To add more excitement, do a quick turn at the end, grab the far handle (away from the turn), and sit back on your tail to come to a quick stop.




This final dismount requires timing and confidence. Again, it is not difficult, but it relies upon your level of confidence with your board.


  1. GLIDE WITH MEDIUM SPEED. While on foil, release the trigger completely and start to glide.
  2. When you want to stop, nose dive your board by moving your weight forward dramatically.
  3. WALK THE PLANK. As you nose dive, step off the front of the board like you are walking the plank. If you time it well enough, your board will stop short of the beach while you walk right onto shore at waist high water.


Obviously, there are numerous ways to dismount your efoil. These are just some of the fun ways that we dismount to have some fun with our students, family, and friends. As long as you are having fun, you are doing something right. Let us know your favorite dismount style. Aloha.

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