The folding propellor for the Lift Efoil is an absolute GAME CHANGER if you want to surf. When Nick and his team at Lift Foils started working on the concept of a motor-powered foil board, they definitely had surfing in mind. How could they not? Foil surfing is at the core of everything that they do.


When you first try the folding propellor, you will quickly discover that (1) it works, and (2) the transition on and off trigger can be difficult. Here is how we train our students, friends and family on using the folding propellor.




Get onto foil, maintain a level board and a steady speed. When you are ready, completely let go of the trigger AND shift your weight toward your backfoot. Your goal is to maintain a level board and glide on foil for as long as you can. Once you hit the water, restart. By doing this exercise, you begin to learn how much weight you need to shift when you release the trigger. On flat water, you don’t have to worry about wave energy.




Now, do the same thing while riding near the top of a small swell. Avoid breaking water, and start small. This time, your goal is to notice the difference in how the water feels beneath your feet. You should sense the wave energy, and find that your glide is longer because of it.


Repeat this exercise on flat water and on small swell energy to build up your understanding of how this works. The next step is to learn how to transition back to motor power. Have fun!

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