Everybody is capturing amazing videos of people living their best lives. GoPro has made it is very affordable to get an action camera that can make your best life look great on the small screen. When it comes to capturing images while riding the Lift Efoil, it can get a little tricky.


First, there is the fact that you are on water. Water droplets on your lens will ruin most shots. The quick fix is to wipe or lick the screen before each shot. The better fix is to use a coating like RainX on the lens before you get into the water.


Second, there is the reality of concentration. When riding an efoil, it takes a certain amount of concentration to maintain a level board, the correct speed,  and spatial awareness. If you add in start/stop recording, framing the subject, and considering light and audio, you can see how your concentration becomes heavily taxed.


Our suggestion is to get incredibly proficient in riding your efoil first and foremost. The next step would be to start the recording on your GoPro, and just leave it on. You can always delete scenes in the editing step. Our final suggestion is to use a selfie stick that floats and is easy to carry. The GoPro Max is a good option, so you don’t have to worry about framing the shot, but the GoPro Hero10 is our favorite for its improved quality and incredible stabilization.


Have fun on the water, but don’t let the camera ruin a good time. Memories are better experienced even if it is not shared on social media. Aloha.

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