The world is on a pathway to all electric power. As such, we have fallen in love with our battery-powered devices. We have cell phones, laptops, boosted boards, and drones. Electric  cars have become much more common in the past 5 years. One of the latest additions to the electric world is the surfboard… or more specifically, the electric foil board.


I represent Lift Foils in Hawaii. As such, I have learned how to manage multiple efoils and their batteries on a daily basis. I am not an expert on Lithium Ion technology, but I am a practitioner that follows simple steps every time I use my efoils and their batteries.


Here are my common steps to managing my batteries:


  1. Charge batteries to full capacity the day before using them
  2. Monitor the batteries when they are on the charger
  3. Never leave the battery connected to the charger longer than necessary
  4. Store batteries in a cool and dry location, away from your home if possible
  5. Use a fireproof storage container if possible
  6. Never drop the battery or expose it to impact
  7. Never leave the battery in direct sunlight
  8. Insert the battery into the efoil as the last step before entering the water
  9. Remove the battery from the efoil as soon as possible
  10. Keep the battery as dry as possible
  11. Do not store the battery in a hot car
  12. Monitor the LED indicators on the battery. Ask for help if different colors are shown.



These are the steps that I take. If you are new to efoil boards, read the owner’s manual on batteries in its entirety. It is important. Stay safe, and have fun.

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