ACCELERATION: How to Make Your Efoil Faster and Easier

ACCELERATION: How to Make Your Efoil Faster and Easier


Do you want to go faster, but hesitate?

Do you love speed, but don’t want to crash?


This is a common sensation amongst all efoil riders. Learning how to efoil was your first step. Now you are improving your water skills. The requirement for mastery is repetition. In order to get better, you must make progress towards 10,000 reps.


The good news is that you have the right tool; the Lift efoil. If you have a competing brand, don’t worry, your acceleration will only be slightly different.


As you dare to ride your board faster, it is important that you correlate speed with lift:


The faster you ride, the greater the lift


This means that as you accelerate, your foil will generate more lift, thus pushing your board higher in the water column.


TIP #1: To counteract this, you MUST APPLY MORE FRONT FOOT PRESSURE. Simply leaning forward will help to keep the nose from rising. As you accelerate more, you will need to adjust your stance further forward.


With the Lift hand controller, you will be squeezing the trigger more and more. With all other hand controllers, you will be increasing your speed by pressing the “+” button or scrolling the throttle wheel.


In addition to correlating speed with lift, you must also correlate wing area with lift:


The larger the wing area, the greater the lift


This means that as you increase the size of your foil, you increase the lift.


TIP #2: Since you are accelerating to higher speeds, you should reduce the size of your foil. The smallest foil will handle high speeds much better, and you will also reduce the drag.


BONUS TIPS: As you practice going faster and faster, be sure to stay to calm water conditions with very little current and water disturbance. Choose a medium sized foil at first, and then decrease the foil size. Use the fixed propellor so that you don’t accidentally fold the propellor as you slow down.  Add the wing fuselage extender or use the longest tail that you have to improve your pitch control. Start with straight lines.


We wish you the best of luck in your quest for faster and faster runs on your efoil. Aloha.

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